Materials & Techniques

Our own production centers, home based artisans and individual producer groups altogether contribute to the vast group of products we produce. Textile products and non-textile products include various sectors such as Home Décor, Lifestyle Fashion and Home Accessories. To make these products into what you love, we tend to use a collection of traditional techniques. For example, block and screen printing is used for home décor products, while embroidery and weaving are used as a profound metaphor of handicrafts. Other techniques include shibori, which is a tie-dyeing technique, macrame, which is an art involving knotting strings and several other hand techniques for pottery and wood. Since we aim to sustainably do business causing minimum, if any, form of harm, our team uses dyes and colours which are natural and AZO free dyes. Through this, both the environment and our people stay healthy and safe. To make these products readily available, the artisans and our team try to achieve the best results by using these techniques that have been passed on generations after generations and still hold the same value and meaning as several years ago.


Nakshi Kantha

Nakshi Kantha” means “Embroidered Quilt” in Bengali. The kantha embroidery itself is done with the threads and a needle! The unique patterns of Nakshi Kantha are filled with colorful threads.Our artisans have narrated their emotions beautifully through this.Nakshi kantha has gone through many changes and many adaptations to diversify its use and production. The nakshi kantha technique has become an identity maker of the rural women, as the artisans can find an opportunity to express desires, aspirations & sentiments through creative embroidered platforms with the help of needles and threads.

Block Printing

"Block Printing" is a technique for printing patterns with woodblock and colors.Woodblock is dipped in color and then stamped into clothing or similar surfaces.

Wax Batik

One of the most prominent techniques that we use is "Wax Batik".Wax is applied to the fabric with a block and then it is dyed with expected colors. After coloring, the wax is removed and that's how we bring the unique patterns.



Hand Weaving

The "Hand Weaving" has given form to many of our products.


In this era of pollution, "Earthenware" is indeed a blessing.A spin wheel is used with versatile techniques and ingenuity. A lump of clay is thrown into the wheel and then artisans shape them by hand.Then they are baked in a specific temperature to give it a permanent texture.

Wood Carving

Another way to create spectacular art pieces is "Wood Carving". Wood carving is a type of woodworking in which people use knives, chisels, and other hand-held wood carving tools to create figures or designs in pieces of wood.

Basket Weaving

We have also kept the rural art of "Basket Weaving".The basic process of basket making involves  weaving strands of fiber, jute,palm.leaf,hogla leaf,date leaf over and under each other to create a particular shape.It serves the purpose of home decor and everyday use.

Recycling and Upcycling

The technique of "Recycling and Upcycling" includes old clothes or materials and then they are decorated with hand weaving and added embroideries giving an approbative appearance.


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