Our Artisans

Palli Crafts means ‘Village Crafts’, meaning that our organization utilizes the skills of artisans residing in village areas around the country. We seek to stabilize the lives of all struggling artisans, regardless of gender, around the country, but one of our crucial missions are empowering women artisans, since the women population are the ones facing mass discrimination and deprivation.

These women from different villages seek better lives, add their own handmade touch to the various products we offer, and with our producer groups, help to make them even more valuable to enrich your lifestyle. Keeping that in mind, we are providing them with adequate training, fair wage, and a comfortable working environment. We are emphasizing to empower more women through advocacy on decision making roles. living safe, fulfilled and productive lives to achieve their full potential, contributing their skills to the workforce and can raise happier and healthier children.


Behind The Scenes :
artisan Mrs.Kolpona

Nakshi kantha Embroiderer

Nakshi kantha has weaved many dreams.Mrs.Kolpona is among these dream weavers.She was married young and did not get the opportunity to study much. Being with her grandmother, she learnt nakshi kantha weaving which earns her livelihood now.Palli crafts empowered her and now she pays the tuition of her kids. She makes sure to secure her and her family's future.Having a proper working environment, and fair wage,she got her wings to fly.

artisan Rita Begum


Rita Begum is a 36 year old courageous and bold lady.Her tailoring work was initiated by her husband and since then it became an unavoidable part of her life.Palli crafts provided her with training on tailoring and quality ,knowledge on a proper working environment, personal health safety  and many more.Her earnings are used to improve her kids life.A mother of a daughter and a son has made her move towards her dream and Palli Crafts has always been there.She aims to empower other women and make voice on harmonious work-life, violence and harassment.We believe, together we can reach her goal.

artisan Shumi Akter


A daughter who has become parents to her parents is undeniably lucky.Shumi has taken tailoring as a means of her livelihood.Palli crafts has become an important part of her dream. We empowered her by giving her proper training on cutting, finishing and tailoring.She has expressed her heartiest gratitude towards Palli crafts. 

artisan Sultana Khatun

Nakshi kantha Embroiderer

Sultana khatun learnt Nakshi kantha weaving from her grandma and now used it wisely to maintain her family's need.She didn't have any professional training, the embroidery skills have string attached to the past. Sultana received the necessary training from Palli Crafts including knowledge of  maintaining quality of products,committing to particular time , respecting and supporting non-discrimation etc.

artisan Mrs.Hosneara Begum

Nakshi Kantha Embroiderer

Women's life has never been easy but some are just like golds who never give up and make their scars into swords.Hosnera's  husband's demise made her world shattered. She had to work really hard to maintain her children.Then Palli craft initiated empowering artisans of her village and she gladly joined.She is now educating her kids and taking care of their future.She uses her Nakshi Kantha weaving skill and with the proper guidance and opportunities from Palli crafts, she decided to stand on her own feet.Another story got weaved with us.

artisan Sushoma Talukdar

Lampshade Artisan

The world has never been an easy abode for women let alone a divorced woman.In Spite of the circumstances, some has never let their knees touch the ground.Sushoma is one of them.She makes beautiful lampshades which offer warm and dimmed light.She feels grateful that she can make eco friendly and homely products.She didn't only stood for herself,her earnings feed her children and educate them.Now,she dreams of her own house she can spend her last years harmoniously.

artisan Mossamat Aklima Begum

Nakshi Kantha Embroiderer

 Ms Mossamat Aklima Begum, a 37-year-old lady, is one of the nakshi kantha artisans of Palli Crafts Ltd. She was married at 20 years and now a mother of three children . She became a widow 6 years ago.She had a desire to work and create something for herself. Her mother used to make kanthas for their household use and the skill was transferred from generation to generation without receiving any institutional training. It wasn’t easy for Aklima to engage herself with nakshi kantha work at the production for export market. We provided her with work training for having the knowledge on quality and upgradation of techniques to build her existence and to meet her needs, it also fulfils our buyers’ requirements. She is the only earning member of her family. 

artisan MD.Shariatullah


COVID-19 was like a storm to the earth.It put many people's livelihood at stake and Shariatullah was among them.He has three children and all of them are studying. Palli Crafts provided him advance payment and started convincing the customers to place orders with his stock yarns. His products include bedcover, table cover, runner-placemat-napkin . We provide him with the trend of colors, knowledge on quality upgrading, and etc. Artisans' health , work environment, hygiene , fair wage are also taken into consideration.We believe to make these opportunities alive and so do Shariatullah. We encourage him to do the upcycling products with recycled yarns or fabrics and moreover we are ensuring him and other artisans to have a better life.

artisan Rafiqul Islam

Block Printer

Rafiqul Islam is among the ones who were with us from the dawn of Palli Crafts.He shifted to Dhaka with his wife and 3 child after he started working for us.He does block print which is nowadays a great art on any suitable medium.When lockdown began in 2021, he thought of sending his family to countryside finding no way and then Palli crafts provided him with food and advance payment which made him see ray of hope.We have formed a kin relationship with him and ensured a proper working environment to our artisans with proper sanitization, continuous work support, fair wage, professional development and adequate safety measures.We believe to prosper together.

artisan Din Islam

Block Printer

Din Islam,a 35 year old man has dedicated  4 years of life towards block printing making it his livelihood at Palli Crafts.His wife works at a shoe factory and his daughter is a student of madrasha.Palli Crafts ensured his future.He was served with the adequate knowledge and training of the block printing process, coaching on fair trade principles etc.He dreams to educate her daughter and offer her a better life.Palli Crafts is giving wings to his dream.

artisan Monwar Ali


Weaving is a year old process.Monwar Ali,a 55 year old artisan has spent half of his life doing weaving.

Ali uses a big rotating drum as warp beams and decides the width and length of the final product. The drum helps in counting the number and color wise grouping of yarns. He is a proud father who educated his  daughter till Secondary School Certificate and then married her off. Having our support and dedication towards his work, he is bound to be prosperous. 

artisan Sagor Hossain

Leather & Recycled Sandal Artisan

Sagor hossain is a leather artist who has been producing leather bags,accessories, jewellery boxes,paper Christmas decorations etc.Besides he has mastered the skill of making "Waraji ''(Japanese sandals) with recycled knit fabric.The customers appreciate his high quality products and so offered him with spontaneous works. .With his great skill and help from Palli crafts,he believes to make a difference.


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